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  • Modern Painting Special > 300 euro

    Modern paintings can be placed in this special, whether acrylic, oil or mixed media on board, panel or canvas with a minimum opening bid of 300 euros.

    (Or offered from 10 euro with an appraised value of at least 300 euros)

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    Modern Painting Special > 300 euro
  • Glass, Ceramics, Design & Objects Special

    This multi-faceted Special is dedicated to glass, ceramics, design and objects, or: three-dimensional! There is no minimum auction value for all items offered in this Special.

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    Glass, Ceramics, Design & Objects Special
  • Classical Art Special > 200 Euro

    In this Special you will find flower still lifes, landscapes, interiors and cityscapes and other classic themes within art history. The works in this Special are made before 1950. Besides paintings it is also possible to offer classic sculptures, drawings or other works made before 1950.

    Would you like to place a work of classical art in this Special? For all items in this Special there is a minimum opening bid (and auction value) of 200 euros. Only works dated before 1950 can be offered.

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    Classical Art Special > 200 Euro
  • Photography Special

    This Special is dedicated entirely to photography, a versatile and accessible art form that has become increasingly popular among art lovers and collectors since the mid-twentieth century.

    Want to offer a work of art in this Special?
    Only works in the Photography category may be placed in this Special.

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    Photography Special
  • Etchings & Engravings Special

    The theme of this auction special is intaglio printing: etchings, engravings, drypoint and aquatints. This technique uses a metal printing plate in which small recesses, for example a needle-drawn image, hold the ink. In the case of an etching or aquatint, the drawing is first etched in via acid action. Gravure printing has a long tradition in Art History. Rembrandt van Rijn, for instance, was a master of this technique

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    Etchings & Engravings Special
  • À Tout Prix Special

    In this à tout prix (ATP) auction, all items are offered starting at 10 euro. An exciting way to participate in an auction!

    Would you like to offer an item in this Special?
    All items offered in this Special have a mandatory opening bid of 10 euro and a minimum auction value of 100 euro.

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    À Tout Prix Special