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  • Affordable & Framed Special (<100 euro)

    This 'Affordable & Framed' Special offers a wide variety of affordable artworks (with a maximum opening bid of 100 euros) that can be hung directly on the wall. Perfect for a quick interior makeover or as a gift!

    Want to offer a work of art in this Special?
    Only framed works (or works with a hanging system, ready to hang on the wall) can be offered in this Special. Additionally, a maximum opening bid of 100 euros applies to this Special.

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    Affordable & Framed Special  (<100 euro)
  • ZERO, Op-Art & Minimalism Special

    Geometric shapes, monochromatic color surfaces and optical illusions: this Special is filled with works that fit within the art movements ZERO, Op-Art and Minimalism!

    Offer your own artwork in this Special? Original work (paintings, drawings) as well as graphics and three-dimensional work can be offered in this Special, as long as they fit within the theme of this Special.

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    ZERO, Op-Art & Minimalism Special
  • Sculptures & Objects Special

    The Sculptures & Objects Special, a special filled with all kinds of sculptures and objects: from bronze to glass and from porcelain to plastic.

    You can only place items in the Special if there is an expected yield of 50 euros or more.

    (Only freely shaped objects or collectibles, so no applied art)

    Coming soon
    Sculptures & Objects Special
  • À Tout Prix Special

    In this à tout prix (ATP) auction, all items are offered starting at 1 euro. An exciting way to participate in an auction!

    Would you like to offer an item in this Special?
    All items offered in this Special have a mandatory opening bid of 1 euro and a minimum auction value of 100 euro.

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    À Tout Prix Special
  • Street Art, Pop Art & Pop Culture Special

    Pop Art, Street Art, and Pop Culture are the themes of this auction special! The use of images and subjects from mass culture has evolved into a popular art form, thanks to pioneers like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Bid now and bring a real eye-catcher into your home!

    Want to offer an item in this Special?
    All artworks that fit within the theme are welcome to be offered in this auction special.

    Coming soon
    Street Art, Pop Art & Pop Culture Special