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Buy a painting

Buy paintings at Artpeers

Do you want to buy a unique painting for your wall? Then look at the wide range of paintings for sale in the online auction. At Artpeers you will find affordable and qualitative art, without having to visit a gallery, fair or physical auction. Because all auctions take place online, you can browse from your computer or phone until you have found the perfect painting for that empty wall above the sofa or dining table!

Large selection of paintings for sale by renowned artists

Artpeers has for every art lover, from beginning art buyer to seasoned collector, a suitable offer of unique and qualitative paintings for sale. On Artpeers we only offer work of acknowledged artists. This means that the artist is known in the database of the RKD - Netherlands Institute for Art History and/or appears with appealing auction results in the database of Artprice.com.

Paintings: techniques and materials

At Artpeers you can buy paintings in various techniques and materials. Paintings are usually made on panel or on canvas, also known as the medium. Until the Renaissance, people mainly painted on wooden panels. When the demand for increasingly large paintings increased, this changed. It was impractical to continue painting only on panels: wood is heavy and warps under certain circumstances. Therefore, in that period, people started to paint on linen canvas that was stretched on a wooden frame. The advantage of canvas was that it was not only cheaper but also much lighter and could be rolled up, which made it much easier to transport paintings.

The technique or material with which paintings are made is often oil or acrylic paint, but can also be tempera, airbrush or a combination of techniques (mixed media). The use of oil paint emerged in the 15th century. Until the 19th century, paint was made in the artist's studio on the basis of natural minerals and pigments. Paint was stored in pouches made from pig's bladders until the invention of the paint tube in 1841. Thanks to this invention painters could easily take their paint tubes with them to paint in the open air. Around 1950 the first acrylic paint for artists came on the market. Acrylic colours are, in contrast to oil colours, a synthetic type of paint and have the characteristic of drying quickly. In the auction offer you can buy paintings made in various techniques, periods and styles, such as classic oil paintings or modern paintings in mixed techniques.

Enrich your interior by buying a unique painting

A perfectly chosen painting on the wall is an eye-catcher, a pleasant topic of conversation or a place to dream. But how do you find that perfect painting? By using the search filters on the website you are easily led to the artist, price category, style or theme of your preference. For example, you can filter by time period to see only classic landscapes in the selection, or focus on all the abstract works in the auction. Or be open to something new and be surprised by the entire offer! At Artpeers you can easily buy a unique painting to enrich your interior.

Before you decide to buy a painting, think about where you want to hang it and whether it will fit into your interior. Do you already own a work of art that you have grown tired of and is it time for something new? Consider offering your old work for sale via Artpeers. You can read more about selling art through Artpeers on the page selling art.

How do I bid on a painting in the auction?

To bid in the auction you need an account. You do not have an account yet? Create an account here. Before you make a bid, read our auction rules. Also look at the details that are mentioned with the painting, for example the condition description and the pick-up and shipping options.

Via the button 'Bid along' you can make a bid. Do you want to increase your chance to win the painting? Then enter an autobid. This is the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the artwork. If another user also bids on the painting, the computer will automatically increase your bid - only if necessary - to the maximum amount you entered. You can read more about placing an autobid here.

Are you the highest bidder for the painting? Congratulations, you have bought a painting! The seller will contact you in order to complete your purchase. Did you unfortunately not manage to get the painting? Then take a look at the other paintings on offer, or set up a notification with your favourite artist or seller and stay informed about new paintings in the auction.

Easily buy a painting online at Artpeers

With the purchase of a painting you take a unique art object into your home of which only one copy exists! At Artpeers you get to know the versatile range of paintings for sale in an accessible way. From classical to modern and contemporary and from affordable to exclusive.

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